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22 September 2016

Following continued growth, Riverwood Solutions is taking steps to broaden its presence in the emerging technology ecosystems. As one of several broader initiatives Riverwood Solutions has joined the MEMS & Sensors Industry Group where it will continue providing services that focus on taking critical aspects of emerging technology and helping companies create and manufacture leading edge hardware products.

We are excited about the addition of Riverwood Solutions to our ecosystem” commented Karen Lightman, executive director of MEMS & Sensors Industry Group. “As our global affiliations continue to expand, it is exciting and important to have companies in our membership such as Riverwood, that strive to apply practical solutions for the commercialization of the technologies we have been focusing on developing.”

With a rich outsourced manufacturing background and significant expertise in the development and manufacturing space, Riverwood Solutions utilizes its employees in the US, Asia, Mexico and Europe to create solutions for companies needing to rapidly bring new products to market. Companies continue to hire Riverwood Solutions to provide engineering expertise to assist in prototype development and refinement, DFx and value engineering, as well as supply chain design, implementation and management. The integrated structure at Riverwood Solutions of both the Engineering and the Operations teams create significantly differentiated solutions that are becoming much more critical to product companies needing to get to market ahead of competitors.

Focusing on time to success; it is critical in today’s environment that an experienced team can be assembled and deployed within days to  provide the experience necessary to bring a new product to market within an increasingly shorter time span ” commented John Daker, VP Business Development at Riverwood Solutions.

Riverwood Solutions is focused on emerging products that utilize leading edge technologies in advanced optics, sensors, displays and robotics among other areas and have helped launch hundreds of products in consumer, medical and industrial segments.

In addition to the required steps required to launch a product, the intimate link to emerging technologies that are enabling the next generation of devices is a key focus for us. The products of tomorrow are enabled by technical advances in the MEMS, MOEMS, Advanced Semiconductor and Sensor areas so it is a natural fit that we would want to work closely with groups like the MEMS and Sensors Industry Group who are continuing to provide entrepreneurs, innovators and industry enablers with a platform for success” commented Julian Searle, VP Sales and Marketing at Riverwood.

About Riverwood Solutions

Riverwood Solutions ( helps OEMs improve supply chain performance, optimize their operations, and maximize the value of their outsourced relationships. The company provides operations consulting, product development, and managed operations services to technology product companies globally. The company’s proprietary and award winning HOST(SM) (Hybrid Outsourced Services Team) Model provides highly skilled local resources to help OEMs manage their supply base and improve supply chain performance without adding fixed internal infrastructure. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Riverwood Solutions designs, optimizes, implements, and manages global supply chains from operations in Silicon Valley, Dallas, Austin, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam for some of the world’s leading OEMs and most promising start-ups. For more information visit: or email:

About MEMS & Sensors Industry Group

 MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) is the trade association advancing MEMS and sensors across global markets. MSIG advocates for near-term commercialization of MEMS/sensors-based products through a wide range of activities, such as conferences, technical working groups and education. By bringing the TSensors(Trillion Sensors) Enterprise under the umbrella of events and programs, MSIG also increases worldwide awareness of emerging MEMS/sensors-based applications with huge commercialization potential in the next decade and beyond. Nearly 200 companies and industry partners comprise MEMS & Sensors Industry Group. For more information, visit: and follow MSIG on LinkedIn and Twitter (use @MEMSGroup)

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