All in space is not rocket science” – golden cooperation between newcomer SatRevolution and expert Elmatica

28 March 2019

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“All in space is not rocket science” – golden cooperation between newcomer SatRevolution and expert Elmatica”

In 2,5 years Polish SatRevolution has evolved from scratch, developed and produced shoebox-sized satellites. On April 17th they will launch their second CubeSat. How you might ask? By confidence, hard work and experienced partners like printed circuit broker Elmatica.

 “As a newcomer in the industry, you have to be creative, achieve your milestones yourself and seek advice by experts when necessary,” says Tomasz Poźniak, Chief Development Officer at SatRevolution.

 SatRevolution was founded 2,5 years ago and has evolved from an R&D division developing mobile applications, VA and AR interfaces, into a high tech producer of nanosatellites.

“The speed of technology, availability of components and parts at a lower cost than earlier makes it possible to produce satellites, even if the budgets start at a smaller scale,” says Poźniak.

 Focus on what you do best

The company added new members to the team with experience within electrical engineering, software development, mechanics and robotics and started testing and developing from scratch, they also involved printed circuit broker Elmatica into the product development.

 “Our strategy is to ameliorate our strengths, focus on what we do best and involve experts for special input, like Elmatica with their expertise on the PCB level. Whereas some fields might not be rocket science, it’s still some pretty harsh conditions these satellites need to face, affecting both the design and of course the PCB, keeping it alive,” says Poźniak.

 Analyzing is key to success

When designing for the space industry, it’s important to remember that there is no way to fix anything if problems occur after launch. Therefore it’s important to think about each element on the PCB – and how it will affect the rest of the product, taking into account a lot of variables which may occur, and possibly destroy the module/satellite, like radiation, temperature, vibration or outgassing,” says Spacecraft Division Specialist at SatRevolution, Mateusz Keller.

 Keller explains that a challenge they faced is to make a PCB with all assumptions and calculations at the first point. Creating a system which works even if parts of it do not. Designing for Space sounds really complicated but Keller thinks there is learning in everything.

“The best way, is to analyze all parameters, find the biggest threats and then try to design the PCB in a way so it will be resistant for most of them,” says Keller.

 A giant leap for mankind

“Working with SatRevolution has been a pleasure and educational for both parties. As the moon landing was explained as a small step for man but a giant leap for mankind, the launch of SatRevolutions first satellites might have been a small step into space, but a giant leap for them. We are so proud to be part of this project, sharing our knowledge and experience about PCB design for space,” says Country Manager Poland for Elmatica, Rafal Stankiewicz.

 The advice to young designers eager to get involved in the space industry is simple from SatRevolution:

“Keep on moving forward no matter what and keep in mind that manufacturing CubeSats is not rocket science,” Poźniak finishes.

 About SatRevolution Incorporated

SatRevolution Inc. is an innovative Polish company specialized in new space technologies. The company delivers complete, in-house designed and manufactured nanosatellite systems and solutions for international space agencies and other private and public entities. Apart from nanosatellites production, SatRevolution conducts research on other solutions in space technologies sector.

Our R&D-team consists of experienced technology experts, who have created many innovative solutions, such as bionic hand controlled by brain signals.

Currently, the company is working on its flagship project – Real-time Earth Observation Constellation (REC) and  implements three others: Światowid – a proof-of-concept of the first Polish Earth-observation satellite, which is to form the base for the satellite ScopeSat – REC fundamental unit; KRAKsat – an innovative experiment of a ferrofluid flywheel on a low Earth orbit (co-developed with AGH University of Science and Technology and Jagiellonian University in Krakow) and AMICal Sat – an observation satellite project for auroras under low light conditions (carried out in collaboration with Grenoble University Space Center).

About Elmatica
Elmatica was established in 1971 and is the oldest broker of PCB in the world. Delivering to 5 continents and 39 countries with over 10 000 orders per year, to small family businesses and companies listed on the stock exchange. We are honored for being selected to chair several new independent standards in our industry together with IPC.

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