Protecno Becomes the First French PCB Manufacturer to Invest in Orbotech’s Nuvogo™ Direct Imaging Solution

20 November 2017

Orbotech Ltd., a leading global supplier of yield-enhancing
and process-enabling solutions for the manufacture of electronics products, today announced that
Protecno, a France-based electronics manufacturer and part of Groupe GTID, has purchased the first
Orbotech Nuvogo™ Direct Imaging (DI) solution to be installed in France. Protecno intends to
leverage the new Orbotech equipment to improve the long-term reliability of their printed circuit
boards and thus meet the stringent electronics demands required for harsh environments.
Protecno specializes in small and medium series, multilayer rigid flex, hyper frequencies, HDI and
special boards, serving highly demanding military, aeronautic, medical, transport and telecom
customers. They are members of a consortium that is involved in a special project to design and
manufacture a high density mixed microwave and digital board, on a multilayer material designed with
at least two different electronic boards or based on a heterogeneous substrate material.
“Protecno needed a set of solutions for rigid and flex applications that require superior DoF (Depth of
Focus) for panels with uneven topology, high line uniformity and sharp side walls to ensure high
quality impedance control,” said Mr. Lucien Traon, Protecno CEO. “These and other capabilities
unique to Orbotech DI, as well as local service engineers who understand our needs, made Orbotech
the obvious choice for our production lines.”
“This is an important deal for Orbotech as it highlights the company’s abilities to support
manufacturing processes within the highly demanding environments of military, aeronautics, medical
and more,“ stated Mr. Sharon Cohen, President of Orbotech West. “Protecno is a long-time partner of
Orbotech. They believe in consistently integrating advanced systems that enable them to grow and
develop new manufacturing technologies for advanced projects.”
About Nuvogo™ 500
Nuvogo™ 500 is a member of the Orbotech Nuvogo™ family of industry-leading Direct Imaging (DI)
solutions. Utilizing a high-power laser and unique MultiWave Laser Technology™, the Nuvogo™ 500
provides maximum flexibility on a wide range of materials and applications. Incorporating Orbotech’s
field-proven Large Scan Optics (LSO) Technology™ with its high depth-of- focus, the Nuvogo™ 500 is
a perfect match for QTA, Flex and MLB patterning applications that demand fine structures on
variating topography. This powerful system is designed for fast throughput while maintaining optimal

About Group GTID, Protecno
For more information, please visit

About Orbotech Ltd.
Orbotech Ltd. is a leading global supplier of yield-enhancing and process-enabling solutions for the
manufacture of electronics products. Orbotech provides cutting-edge solutions for use in the
manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs), flat panel displays (FPDs), and semiconductor devices
(SDs), designed to enable the production of innovative, next-generation electronic products and
improve the cost effectiveness of existing and future electronics production processes. Orbotech’s
core business lies in enabling electronic device manufacturers to inspect and understand PCBs and
FPDs and to verify their quality (‘reading’); pattern the desired electronic circuitry on the relevant
substrate and perform three-dimensional shaping of metalized circuits on multiple surfaces (‘writing’);
and utilize advanced vacuum deposition and etching processes in SD and semiconductor
manufacturing (‘connecting’). Orbotech refers to this ‘reading’, ‘writing’ and ‘connecting’ as enabling
the ‘Language of Electronics’. For more information, visit and

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