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19 January 2016


Weighing the Success and Failures of 2015

By John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO

In order to get ahead in the electronics industry, you have to be a forward thinker. With that being said, this is the time of the year when we often recollect the wins and losses of the previous 12 months. Whether good or bad, the past year shapes our actions for the upcoming year.

If you’ve had a successful year, then it’s time to leverage what you’ve accomplished into bigger and better things. If you’ve struggled, then it’s time to figure out ways to turn failures into successes. And that’s exactly what I love so much about the electronics industry. There are ups and downs, but every corner brings innovative technology, stronger standards, new education, and opportunities to advocate for change.

This past year alone, IPC has worked hard to update standards to match industry needs. And when I say industry needs, I mean across the globe. Russia, India, China, Europe, and North America. Progress for the future of the electronics industry means uniting manufacturers and producers across the world. From education to advocacy, IPC has succeeded in providing answers and solutions to a variety of industry issues. From membership to market research, we have made strives to narrow the gap between goals and reality.

Whether your 2015 was good or bad, we have to keep our focus on the future. Our determination as an industry is what will push new innovation. It is like a game of Chess. A single move can result in a check. But that isn’t the end of the game. We strategize, we maneuver, we adjust. Success and failures are simply opportunities to reevaluate the way we do things. That’s forward thinking.

I encourage you to evaluate your year without judging yourself. How did you do? What will you do different on January 1st? IPC continues to examine each decision we make, and are happy to share our successes and failures with you. As a result, we are excited for the opportunities that 2016 will bring. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you all at IPC APEX EXPO 2016 in Las Vegas. If you haven’t yet registered, take this time to do so, as this show is poised to be our best ever. There is no better way to set yourself on a track for success than joining the number one trade show for the electronics manufacturing industry.


2016 Annual HKPCA Corporate and Associate Membership Fee Reduction.

Per the resolution of 111th Executive Committee meeting held recently, we are very pleased to announce the Annual HKPCA Corporate Membership Fee will be reduced from today HK$2,500 to HK$1,250, plus special discount program of annual membership renewal fee for those loyal members with three full years or more consecutive membership with HKPCA as shown below.

The Annual HKPCA Associate Membership Fee will be kept at HK$500.

Corporate Membership : Those members joined HKPCA in 2012 or before with consecutive membership of three full years or more, Free annual membership renewal in 2016

Associate Membership : Those members joined our association in 2012 or before with consecutive membership of three full years or more, Only HK$100 required for annual membership renewal fee In 2016.

Once again, we like to express our wholehearted grateful appreciation to your continuous support of HKPCA, and we are looking forward to your even stronger support to HKPCA in 2016 and beyond.

If you have any question to the above, please feel free to contact Miss Suzan Au-Yeung at (852) 2155-5099 or Miss Yoyo Yu at (86) 755-8624-0033 for any assistance. Thank you in advance for your kind attention!

HKPCA Secretariat

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