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13 September 2017


We’ll be showcasing our extensive range of thermal management solutions at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo on booth #900, including the latest advanced material for thermally conductive cores and prepregs for multi-layer and hybrid build ups. The expo will take place September 12-14, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan.

Our team of materials experts will present the company’s advances in high performance IMS materials that deliver an exceptional thermal performance, reliability and quality, particularly demanded by automotive and other LED lighting and DC power conversion applications.

A show-highlight will be VT-5A2, a next generation best-in-class, high Tg thin-core and prepreg material. It is designed for the world’s most thermally demanding PCB applications such as power converters, hybrid multilayers and high-power electronics with heavy copper designs providing enhanced signal stability in harsh environments. With a thermal conductivity 8 times that of FR4, VT-5A2 delivers class-leading thermal performance and high flowability for perfect encapsulation, allowing for better board design for applications requiring critical thermal management in harsh environments. It is manufactured by Ventec using strict quality controlled processes that are certified to AS9100 Revision C, ISO/TS16949 and ISO 9001:2015.


Jack Pattie, President Ventec USA comments: ‘As a forum for electric, hybrid and plugin hybrid vehicle technology, the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo will provide visitors with a unique showcase of manufacturing solutions. E-vehicles and hybrid vehicles are a huge business for us and we expect there to be a lot of interest in our solutions, particularly our new products like VT-5A2.’

For more information about the show go to:


l Thoughts as Hurricane Irma Approaches Florida
Industry Update

Bracing for Hurricane Irma Impacts

REPORT HIGHLIGHTS: As Hurricane Irma quickly approaches the Florida coastline, we are attempting to outline companies within our coverage universe that could potentially experience impacts. At present, Hurricane Irma remains a Category 5 storm in the Caribbean and is forecasted to hit the southern coast of Florida this weekend at Category 4 before turning up the coast. Within our coverage universe, we believe the names that are most likely to be potentially impacted include CLH, HCCI, JBL and MINI. In the near term, we suspect all could see a negative impact in a bad/worst case scenario while some benefit could arise in the aftermath for names such as CLH and MINI.
·        CLH: CLH currently has over 10 locations in the state of Florida and could see operations and logistics at risk as the storm approaches. Similar to HCCI, a number of branches (mainly, Safety-Kleen) could see revenue disruption while the feedstock supply of used/dirty oil could also be impacted. However, we believe the opportunities in the wake of the storm to potentially materialize for some CLH operating segments, particularly in Emergency Services or in Industrial and Field Services.

·        HCCI: We view the impending Hurricane Irma to present risks for HCCI with at least 4 branch facilities in Florida. Conceptually, branches could see revenue disruption while the feedstock supply of used/dirty oil could also be impacted. It should be noted HCCI’s main re-refining facility is located in Indianapolis so no day/day operational risk to that facility would be apparent.

·        JBL: Depending on how Hurricane Irma tracks, Jabil’s HQ and manufacturing facility in St. Petersburg Florida could see some impacts to operations although this remains somewhat uncertain. From a manufacturing footprint standpoint, the exposure is on the smaller side (perhaps <5% of company) and we believe primarily supporting A&D.

·        MINI: We believe MINI has ~12 locations in the state of Florida, While some storage unit deliveries could face disruption in the near-term, we’d suspect that a higher level of storage units will ultimately be required in the aftermath for various clean-up, remediation and rebuild efforts.

Sean K.F. Hannan
Needham & Company, LLC
(617) 457-0906


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