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19 January 2016

Ventec International Group to unveil new ‘tec-speed’ brand for high speed/low loss materials at DesignCon 2016

Ventec International Group, will exhibit in Booth 118 at DesignCon 2016 (January 20th to 21st 2016, Santa Clara, CA, USA) where the company will launch a new brand identity, tec-speed, for its high speed/low loss product line. With the launch, Ventec will unveil a new logo, marketing collateral and technical specifications.

The creation of the brand name ‘tec-speed’ is a move to unite Ventec’s high speed/low loss product portfolio and better position the range under a single identity, connecting the products through a clear and cohesive visual presentation.

Martin Cotton, Director OEM Technology, commented: “The tec-speed brand now unites one of the most comprehensive range of products in high speed/low loss PCB material technology. Every tec-speed product provides technological innovation, high performance and quality to customers to perfectly meet their needs.”

Ventec International Group’s COO USA & EUROPE, Mark Goodwin added: “With the growing demand for high reliability and high speed computing & storage applications, and a pipeline of new innovative additions to our range, the timing is right to give our product line a clear identity. More than that, our unique approach to supply chain ownership, with a manufacturing and distribution network that covers the relevant markets globally, ensures fast delivery of quality materials”.

A selection of products will be highlighted at the show, including:

tec-speed 6.1 (Dk 3.2, Df 0.004 RC 50%) – Ultra-Low Loss High Tg material available with all copper styles, including HVLP. Uses Low Dk spread glass to improve Skew and Jitter. Applications include Telecom, Router, Servers etc. Specifically, backplane and daughter card designs where good Signal Integrity is essential. This material has excellent Thermal properties.

tec-speed 4.0 (Dk 3.8, Df 0.007) – Low-Loss High Tg material available with all copper styles, including HVLP. Applications focus on High Frequency & High Speed designs, Automotive and Satellite communication, Navigation, GPS, etc. are typical applications. This material has excellent thermal properties.

tec-speed 1.0 (Dk 3.9, Df 0.012 @ 10GHz RC75%) – Mid-Loss Mid Tg Halogen Free material available with all copper styles. Applications include hand-held products, specifically those that require high frequency high speed materials. This material has excellent thermal properties.

For more information about Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide variety of products, please<> or download to the Ventec APP.

About Ventec International

With volume manufacturing facilities and HQ in Suzhou China, Ventec International specializes in advanced copper clad glass reinforced and metal backed substrates for the PCB industry. With distribution locations and quick-turn CCL manufacturing sites in both the US and Europe, Ventec International is a premier supplier to the Global PCB industry. For more information,<>,<> or<>.


The IMAPS-UK Low  temperature Joining workshop is being held at the HENKEL facility in Hemel Hempstead on Thursday 28 January (8:30am – 5:00pm)….  places are limited to 40 persons and bookings are picking up.

The workshop programme will consist of 8  presentations covering all aspects of the joining process as follows:


  • Markets for Printed Electronics – and the Technical Challenges which are being Addressed;
    • Dr. Stijn Gillissen – Global Market Development Manager – Henkel Adhesives Electronics.
  • Flexible printed conductor materials for low temperature applications:
    • Robin Pittson, Gwent Electronic Materials, Pontypool
  • Materials for Integration of Components at Low Process Temperatures:
    • Tony Winster – Technical Advisor – Henkel Adhesives Electronics
  • High Speed Integration of Thin Film Electronics:
    • Alan McClelland, Commercial Manager, Centre for Process Innovation
  • Testing for High Speed Manufacturing Printed Electronics:
    • Martin Wickham, National Physical Laboratory
  • Towards high-throughput ambient attach of flexible electronics for the Internet of Things:
    • Richard Price, Founder and CTO, PragmatIC Printing Ltd
  • Applications for low cost hybrid electronics: 
    • Chris Jones, Novalia
  • Hybrid Integration for Plastic Film Electronics:
    • Gerhard Klink Group manager “Polytronic Technologies, Fraunhofer, Munich

Attendees will also be invited to take a look at the Henkel Technical laboratories  and facilities available for testing and developing Adhesives for the electronics industry.
This workshop is aimed at electronic system developers, manufacturers and end-users as well as design companies that  now need to understand this very important technology area.  It will review the key issues of the joining processes and adhesives necessary for successful manufcaturing.
For more information go to our (new) website !

Click Here to Register for this Event




ICT Evening Seminar and AGM

at Puckrup Hall, Tewkesbury
1st March 2016

Supported by Exception PCB Solutions

AGM at 16.30

Seminar Registration from 17.00

Seminar begins at 17.30


Papers include :
o   Laser-induced forward transfer: A novel laser-based deposition process for PCBs?”The presenter will be Dr James Shaw-Stewart who is a Senior Lecturer and researcher at Coventry.
o   Business Outlook Global Electronics Industry" from Francesca Stern, of FSC.
o   An update on the MacFest project and a summary of the crabs project from Professor Martin Goosey
Enquiries to :- 

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