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25 January 2018

DECT has been the de-facto standard for residential and business cordless phone communications worldwide since its creation. Operators have globally implemented DECT in their networks. Now, with the astonishing growth and impact of IoT (Internet of Things), ULE technology has been developed as an extension of DECT, hence Voice of IoT.

This offers operators to possibility to transform millions of existing DECT installations in homes and businesses into secure, cost-efficient and versatile Internet of Things gateways for the implementation of smart automation, security and climate control scenarios in residential, healthcare and enterprise environments.

This conference addresses recent business and technology developments in both DECT and ULE globally, and will give more insight in the possibilities for operators, service providers, soft- and hardware manufacturers how they can benefit from both.

Many IoT Applications often involve wearable devices and/or small embedded systems with no touchscreens. In these situations voice control is of paramount importance. ULE is the only IoT standard in which voice is embedded, since ULE is based on DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) which is the de-facto standard for residential and business cordless phone communications worldwide.

Voice of IoT, DECT and ULE Industry Summit
February 7/8, 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Day 1, Feb 07

Voice of IoT program – The following speakers have confirmed to speak at the conference:

08:45 09:25

Registration and Welcome

09:25 09:30 Welcome by Ruth Wilson, Deputy-Chair of the Board, DECT Forum, More information
09:30 10:00 Dirk A. Böttger, Vice President Product Management Fixed Line Devices, Deutsche Telekom, on “DECT Safeguards Voice Control in a Connected Future”, More information
10:00 10:30 Andreas Mueller, Senior Expert and Project Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany, on “Wireless Communications for the Factories of the Future”, More information
10:30 11:00 Erik Overbeeke, European Partner Alliance, Parks Associates, on “Unifying the Smart Home to Drive Consumer Adoption”, More information; Read the interview
11:00 11:30

Coffee Break and networking / visit to the Expo

11:30 12:00 Ruud Hendriks, Co-founder Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps & The Talent Institute, on “Lessons from Startupbootcamp and Innoleaps”, More information; Read the interview
12:00 12:30 David Viret-Lange, CEO, SoftAtHome, France
12:30 13:00 Magnus Melander, Founder, Swedish M2M Service Enablers, Sweden, on ‘Industrial IoT applications’
13:00 14:30

Lunch and networking / visit to the Expo

14:30 15:30
Speaker to be announced, DSP Group Philip DesAutels, Technologist, Howden Joinery, UK, on “Finally, smart kitchen is becoming part of the smart home”, More information; Read the interview
Daniel Hartnett, Business Development Director, DECT Forum, on “openD: opening DECT to new vertical industries” Avi Barel, Director Business Developmentd, ULE Alliance
15:30 16:00

Lunch and networking / visit to the Expo

16:00 17:00
Arend van der Weijden, Vice President “Wireless Audio and Voice” BU, Dialog Semiconductor, on “DECT evolution creating a revolution”, More information Speaker to be announced
Speaker to be announced Steinar Arnason, Vice president, Audio Pro AB, on “Audio Pro CS – Commercial sound”, More information; Read the interview
17:00 18:30

Networking event / visit to the Expo

Day 2, Feb 08 – Special Members Day

The DECT Forum and the ULE Alliance would like to invite their members to F2F Working Group meetings on February 8th, 2018 (day 2 of the Voice of IoT industry summit) in Amsterdam, B. Amsterdam

  • DECT Forum/ULE Alliance: A Joint meeting of the Marketing working groups from both organizations. This meeting profited from a high turnout last year and represented real value for those attending as many common topics were addressed by a wide cross-section of the industry.
  • DECT Forum: Regulatory WG and the IMT2020 WG together with ETSI TC DECT. With progress towards DECT as a 5G technology, this is an opportunity to align on the IMT2020 candidature and the positioning of DECT and ULE therein.
  • DECT Forum: CAT-iq WG. With CAT-iq 2.1 certification imminent, 2018 promises to be an important year for CAT-iq. This F2F working group meeting will help to outline the Application Test Suite in the context of the certification process.
  • DECT Forum: openD WG. As openD becomes more tangible, we invite the openD WG and other interested members to get the latest updates and get involved in its creation.
  • ULE Alliance: Joint Business/Technical WG. Get to know the personalities and the topics defining the agenda first hand.

General Assemblies:

  • General Assembly DECT Forum: 10am – 12pm
  • General Assembly ULE Alliance: 1pm – 3pm

Attendance at this day is free of charge to DECT Forum and ULE Alliance Members. The schedule of the meetings will be communicated! If you are interested to attend one or more of these meetings, please contact your WG Chair or the Secretariat

Registration details online:

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