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15 May 2018

SCHWEIZER shows successful start into the new Fiscal Year

  • · EBITDA stable with 3.5 million euro
  • · EBIT at 1.6 million euro higher than last year
  • · Order book increases by 5 percent against last year’s first quarter


With a turnover of 31.8 million euro in the first quarter 2018 (2017:

32.4 million euro), the SCHWEIZER Group met its expectations. The group’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) remained stable compared to last year’s first quarter at 3.5 million euro, whereby the EBITDA margin of 10.9 percent slightly exceeded last year’s value (2017: 10.7 percent). The EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) increased to 1.6 million euro (2017: 1.5 million euro), corresponding to an EBIT margin of 4.9 percent (2017: 4.5 percent).

Backed by a good economic development as expected, the positive trend continued in

SCHWEIZER’s most important customer segment automotive as well. The pressure to implement the demanding CO2- reductions and the fast pace of technological developments in the areas of autonomous driving and lighting technologies have a positive impact on the demand for SCHWEIZER’sprinted circuit boards. Increasing bottle necks in the supply chain of car manufacturers, in particular in the components sector however, set limits to the actual growth potential. SCHWEIZER still achieves the major part of its turnover with customers from the automotive sector. Sales with this customer segment came up to 22.1 million euro in the first quarter (2017: 23.1 million euro). Sales in the industry segment increased by 10.4 percent to 7.4 million euro, while the development with the other customers remained stable.

The production site in Schramberg accounted for 88 percent of the total turnover, the partner network in Asia for 12 percent. Series production started at Meiko Electronics in Vietnam as well as at WUS Kunshan. We expect further output increases from here in the coming quarters.

SCHWEIZER’s balance sheet figures and the operative cash flow remain at a good level, debts

slightly increased to 52.9 million euro (December 31, 2017: 51.3 million euro). While the financial

liabilities were reduced further, other reserves increased. The equity capital rose to 64.3 million

euros so that the equity ratio came up to 54.9 percent (December 31, 2017: 54.9 percent). Net gearing amounted to -4.5 percent. This means the liquid assets continue to be higher than the fixed-rate debts. In the previous year’s quarter this amounted to +0.9 percent.


Forecast for 2018 confirmed

“We are very happy with the start into the new fiscal year. We further on expect our turnover to increase by 6 to 8 percent to a level slightly below 130 million euro. The turnover achievements of the first quarter and the expected sales increases through our partner network reaffirm this forecast.  Concerning the EBITDA we also stay with our previous estimate of about 10 million euro or an EBITDA margin of 7 to 9 percent. Besides the usual seasonal influences we also expect an impact deriving from the start of the construction period of our site in China”, comments Marc Bunz, Chief Financial Officer of Schweizer Electronic AG.



Atotech to present InPro® THF for advanced HDI and a series of new products for flex/ flex-rigid PCBs at C’Tex 2018
BERLIN, May 14, 2018: Atotech today announced that it will showcase its latest production solutions for advanced HDI and flex/ flex-rigid PCBs in hall C1 booth number AN6 at the C’Tex 2018 show. The trade show will be held in the Suzhou International Expo Center from May 16 to 18. Next to its product promotion at its trade show booth, the company takes part in the New Product Introduction sessions with the introduction of its new InPro® THF chemistry.

On Thursday, May 17, from 2:00 to 2:40 pm, Mustafa Oezkoek, Global Product Manager for Panel and Pattern Plating at Atotech Deutschland GmbH, will present InPro® THF for advanced HDI (mSAP). InPro® THF provides reliable BMV filling performance at high current densities up to 3 A/dm² especially for (a)mSAP applications in mass production. The process meets the technological and yield requirements for next generation HDI and packaging and provides pattern plating with excellent pattern distribution. It may also be used for TH filling and reduces the number of processing steps needed, thereby leading to improved reliability, productivity, and reduced costs. The three additive component system further provides excellent stability without the formation of harmful breakdown products.

Additional product highlights at Atotech’s booth will be Cupracid® Flex / InPro® Flex, an economic conformal plating solution for standard flex and rigid-flex applications, and Stanna-COF, an immersion tin for chip on film technology.

Cupracid® Flex / InPro® Flex
Cupracid® Flex and InPro® Flex are specifically designed for standard conformal flex applications. The Cupracid® Flex process is for use in vertical systems with soluble anodes whereas InPro® Flex can be used in systems with insoluble anodes. Even at higher current density, pattern uniformity and line shape are very good. Both processes consist of a simple two additive system and provide excellent throwing power at high current densities without any corner flattening.

Stanna-COF is the latest extension to Atotech’s already well versed immersion tin family. The application enables Chip On Film (COF) technology. With Stanna-COF, the chips are bonded straight onto the tracks necessitating a smooth and even finish. The process assures improved yields and functionality and allows for high volume reel to reel production. Stanna-COF has the potential to enhance fine line capability and provides a protective and functional final finish as demanded by this technology.

For further information on these new products, visitors to the show are invited to join Atotech’s New Product Introduction presentation or pass by the Atotech booth in hall C1 number AN6 during the C’Tex show from May 16 to 18. Local and international product specialists will be on site to discuss any question or inquiry.


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