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4 April 2017

SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017: New hall occupation and additional joint stand

At the SMT Hybrid Packaging visitors experience the diversity of assembly and interconnection technologies in a new setting at the well-established exhibition site in Nuremberg this year:

The International Exhibition and Conference for System Integration in Micro Electronics will take place 16 – 18 May 2017 in the halls 4, 4A and 5.

As usual, the hall main topics are structured along the value chain to offer an ideal orientation to the visitors:

  • · In hall 5, the topics “System Development and Production Preparation” as well as “Materials and Components” will be presented.  Visit the EIPC stand in hall 5: 325
  • · In hall 4, the visitors will find all about “Processes and Manufacturing”.
  • · The new hall 4A showcases the topics “Reliability and Test” and “Software and Production Control”. “Cluster Mechatronik & Automation“ represented for the first time The Bavarian cluster “Mechatronik & Automation” is present with a joint stand at the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2017 for the first time. The Cluster wants to push an active communication between research and industry.

Therefore, the non-profit organization in the field of technical business support as well as technology and knowledge transfer has created and developed several networks for purchasing SMD components, marketing surplus components, and capacity balancing between EMS companies in the last few years.

“Although we decided to participate at SMT rather late, we are able to offer a joint stand in Nuremberg this year for the first time, which we will step up gradually in the coming years”, explains Tom Weber manager of the Cluster.

The target is to offer a reliable and future oriented platform. Co-exhibitors of the Cluster in hall 4 are e.g. Rohde & Schwarz, a specialist for complex PCBs and sophisticated manufacturing services as well as representatives of the Fraunhofer EMFT as experts for packaging technologies. Moreover, the company optical control GmbH & Co. KG is represented at the joint stand. SMT Hybrid Packaging is the only event in Europe which takes a comprehensive view of system integration in microelectronics, from the initial idea and its development right through to the production of all technical processes during the manufacture of electronic assemblies.

Visitors find tailored knowledge and individual solutions for their daily needs. Interested persons can register on the website for a free day ticket and find detailed information about the event.

Visit the EIPC stand in hall 5: 325


Herausforderungen im Elektronik-Design meistern

 Sehr geehrte Newsletter-Leserinnen und -Leser,

Jedes neue Elektronik-Design hat seine ganz speziellen Herausforderungen, die es zu meisten gilt. Sind es die vielen Bauelemente, die auf einem meist sehr begrenzten Raum zu platzieren sind, ist es die richtige Auswahl von Komponenten, wie z. B. dem Netzteil oder das Wissen über die ESD-Empfindlichkeit von Bauelementen, um nur einige zu nennen.

Der FED und die Elektronik Praxis möchten mit dem PCB-Designer-Tag Entwicklern, Leiterplatten- & Baugruppen-Designern und auch allen anderen Interessierten ein Stück weit Begleiter und guter Ratgeber beim Meistern von Herausforderungen sein. So können wir nur dazu aufrufen: Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit Ihren persönlichen Wissensvorsprung auszubauen. Schneller, komprimierter und vor allem aus erster Hand kann Wissen nicht generiert werden. Zählen doch alle Referenten zu den anerkannten Spezialisten ihres Faches.

Dieses Jahr erwarten Sie folgende spannende Themen, die Ihr nächstes Layout bezogen auf Zeit, Entflechtung, Größe und Zuverlässigkeit positiv beeinflussen könnten.


  • 3D-Druck in der Elektronikfertigung
    Prof. Dr. Claus Emmelmann, LZN Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH


  • Proportionale Anschlussflächen – die Testergebnisse liegen vor!
    Rainer Taube, TAUBE ELECTRONIC GmbH


  • Das schwächste Glied entscheidet – Die ESD-Bauteilempfindlichkeit nimmt beständig zu
    Michael Günther, ESD Consult & Service


  • Zuverlässige Netzteile – reine Glückssache? Was Entwickler und Designer bei der Auswahl wissen sollten.
    Markus Rehm, IBR Ingenieurbüro Rehm


  • Entwicklung und Integration von Hochleistungs-, Hochfrequenz- Antennenmodulen für die Bereiche Smart Home, Automotiv, Medizintechnik usw. (englisch)


  • Schmaler, dünner, kleiner! Flex Schaltungen mit 25/25µm Strukturen und nur 170µm Dicke
    Pascal Oberson, Optiprint AG

Übersicht der letzten PCB-Designer Tage…

Die Monate bis zur FED-Konferenz am 21./22. September 2017 möchten wir nutzen, Ihnen einige Hintergrundinformationen über den Verband zu geben.

Wir gratulieren der Gewinnerin der letzten Verlosung: Anita Huber, EGA Electronic Gerätebau GmbH! Die Frage lautete: Wie viel Mitglieder zählt der FED heute? Richtige Antwort: 688.

Haben Sie eine Frage oder wünschen Sie Beratung zu unseren Veranstaltungen, rufen Sie uns bitte an oder schreiben eine Mail. Wir sind gerne für Sie da!

Mit herzlichen Grüßen aus Berlin

Ihr FED-Team

Sandra Köckeritz

Ihr Fachverband für Design,

Leiterplatten- und Elektronikfertigung

Frankfurter Allee 73c

10247 Berlin

Tel. +49(0)30 3406030-50

Fax. +49(0)30 3406030-61





Optimal optical 3D solder joint measurement from Viscom

 SMT Hybrid Packaging, Hall 4A, Stand no. 122

With a combination of intelligent software and the high-performance camera module XMplus, Viscom AG is perfecting automatic optical inspection (AOI), which also includes optimal 3D solder joint measurement. As a result, users receive definite and easy-to-interpret information and, with it, the best possible quality assurance for electronic components.

Solder joint measurement using 3D AOI is a central component of this spring’s release of vVision and SI. Viscom presents both new software versions at the SMT show in Nuremberg, Germany. The access to exact measuring results helps users to create 3D AOI inspection programs and thus ensures a high efficiency. The three-dimensional measurement with the high-speed Viscom XMplus camera module produces easy-to-classify height and position values. Users can easily interpret these intuitive values in practice.

Quality of the data is extremely important for accurate, reliable measurement. To evaluate a solder joint with 3D AOI from Viscom, several height profiles are measured at the solder meniscus with a high resolution of 10 µm. The XMplus camera module is optimally suited for this sophisticated task. Its angled cameras ensure the best panorama view of components and their solder joints from all eight directions. The high-performance software used also guarantees maximum speeds throughout the measurement and inspection process.

The measured profiles of a solder joint are evaluated using a mathematical procedure and presented in an easily interpreted overall result. An additional advantage: This improved evaluation results in fewer false calls and thus increases production efficiency. This combination of intelligent software and very powerful hardware offers customers options for efficient use.

Besides evaluating solder joints, exact detection of component orientation is also an increasingly important application. For example, in the ever-smaller LEDs that are increasingly being installed in vehicle lamps and headlights, even minimal tilting is a defect. Exact measurement values are needed for a final quality evaluation, and these are ensured with a Viscom 3D AOI.

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