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17 November 2016

Multiline International Europa LP (MIE LP) and Ventec Europe Announce Cooperation Agreement

Paul Waldner, the Managing Director of MIE LP, and Thomas Michels, Managing Director of Ventec Europe, have agreed to have their companies cooperate in the sale of each other’s products to the European market.

MIE LP is the distributor of Fujifilm products throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Ventec, Europe has a palette of products including Ventec laminates and Pre-pregs, ThinFlex/Arisawa Flexible Polyimide Copper-clad laminates, copper foils as well as drill entry and back-up materials.  Ventec will be the sole distributor of Fujifilm to the UK and will work together with MIE LP to expand Fujifilm’s customer base throughout much of Continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Untouched by this agreement are exclusive distribution agreements which exist in Spain, Scandinavia, South Africa, the Ukraine and Italy.

MIE LP will support the sales of Ventec products throughout Europe through participation in joint marketing events and by working together to align customer needs with Ventec’s products’ capabilities .  Also planned as part of the cooperation is a joint effort to expand the product offerings of Ventec Europe dedicated to the imaging of Printed Circuit Boards and in particularly improving the fine-line capability of European PCB producers.

For further information please contact either:

Paul Waldner:  or +49-172-934-7401

Thomas Michels: or +49-177-436-2201



Innovations from Schweizer and Infineon make Matrix LED headlights more compact and affordable

Matrix LED headlights are now common in premium vehicles because thanks to their excellent road illumination they prevent accidents in twilight or dark and increase driving comfort. Together with Infineon Technologies AG, Schweizer Electronic AG presents innovations for this application at electronica in Munich (08 – 11 November 2016). The innovations help to reduce space and costs and thus support a greater market penetration of the so-called ADB (Advanced Driving Beam) head-lights in the automotive market.

The ADB headlight demonstrator displayed at the Schweizer booth 341 in Hall B4 uses the company’s Inlay Board technology, which is already being employed in series production for other automotive applications and will now be used for the first time in a Matrix LED headlight from 2017 onwards. With regard to this technology, Dirk Gennermann, Head of Product Marketing at Schweizer says: “The demands on the assembly and connection technology are increasing for future LED headlights as new smaller LED designs lead to a power loss densities of 5 W/mm² and greater while simultaneously achieving a high lumi-nous efficacy. New PCB technologies are required for heat dissipation of this type of LEDs.”

 Inlay technology in detail

A copper inlay having a thickness of 1.0 mm is embedded in the PCB and attached to the top and bottom sides of the PCB by hundreds of copper-filled laser vias. The virtually dim-ple-free filling of holes with copper enables the soldering of LEDs with lowest tolerance requirements directly on the via field. Depending on the thickness and the number of vias, the PCB can have a thermal resistance of down to a minimum of 0.1K/W.

At the same time, the inlay board provides the option of also integrating the complete electronic control for the LED matrix on the PCB in an area having four or more copper layers.

The FR4 Flex technology, which separates logic and power area of the printed circuit board, allows the high-power LEDs to be aligned at an optimal angle to the electronic control to make the best possible use of the small space in the headlight.

The new variant of the Inlay Board technology now also supports novel LED types in chip-scale packages, which due to lack of space do not have electrically insulated heat sinks. The demonstrator presented has been jointly developed with Infineon Technologies AG. Infineon’s LED driver LITIX™ Power Flex enables the flexible scaling of high-current LEDs in a matrix architecture having four to 24 segments. Using LITIX and the Inlay Board technology facilitates the reduction of the PCB space for the LED matrix electronics by up to 50 per cent; components, plugs and connectors required until now are eliminated.

Further information on Schweizer and Infineon at electronica is available at the under



Schweizer Electronic presents third quarter figures and reports increasing achievements in the automotive sector and export business.

Schweizer Electronic presents third quarter figures and reports increasing

achievements in the automotive sector and export business. The successful business development with automotive customers led to an increase of 2.1% to 29.1 million Euro in SCHWEIZER’s third quarter turnover (previous year 28.5 million Euro). Sales with this customer segment alone grew by 12.1% to 22.3 million Euro against 19.9 million Euro the year before.

The EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) reached the target with a total of 2.9 million Euro, and the margin of 10% was above this year’s half year-level of 7.9%, but fell slightly behind last year’s third quarter-margin of 12.0 % (3.4 million Euro). The EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) amounted to 0.9 million Euro (2015: 1.5 million Euro).

Power electronics products showed an outstanding 20%-sales increase in the automotive sector. They are necessary to construct reliable solutions in e-mobility applications, where the effective management of high temperatures and high currents has to be ensured. While the turnover share of the industry sector declined from 21.1% to 16.5%, initial sales could be realised with aviation customers, letting SCHWEIZER report first achievements as regards the envisaged expansion of its customer portfolio. While turnover in Asia doubled to 2.6 million Euro, figures in the European region slightly declined from 24.2 million Euro in 2015 to 23.5 million Euro this year. SCHWEIZER’s export ratio, however, increased to 41%. The company’s order book grew by 45 million Euro (34%) against last year’s third quarter to a total amount of 177.5 million Euro.


“Our EBITDA ratio has reached 8.6% in the first nine months of 2016. Currently, we expect our fourth quarter results to be on a similar level as in the third quarter, presuming that no unforeseen factors occur, which will either burden or benefit the results. This means, we could close our accounts of 2016 with an EBITDA ratio of between 9% and 10%, coming up to our forecast from August this year. Due to delays in the Vietnam ramp-up and at WUS, Kunshan, however, we expect our turnover to stay stable, which is in contrast to our August forecast of a 2%-increase”, comments Marc Bunz, Chief Financial Officer at Schweizer Electronic.

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