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14 March 2016

Atotech strengthens its chemical production in Asia with a new plant in Penang

With an initial investment of RM 50 M, the new facility will cater to the growing demand of Atotech’s solutions in South East Asia.

Atotech today announced the inauguration of its new plant in Penang, Malaysia. The announcement comes just months after the company invested heavily in a new equipment production facility in Guangzhou, China – underlining the growing demand for its products and solutions in the region. The new facility encompasses a built-up area of 7,500 sqm and a full production capacity of 12.000 t/a at single-shift operation. The operations will create an additional 35 new jobs, which are expected to increase further within the coming years.

The state-of-the-art chemical plant is built on the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability. Marking a new milestone in Atotech’s Malaysian operations, the expansion is aimed at supporting the company’s large customer-base in the region developing next generation electronics goods. In a fast-paced industry facing tremendous cost pressures, this RM 50 M investment is in-line with Atotech’s localization strategy. It will play an important role in developing new ways for customers to achieve improved efficiencies through smarter utilization of raw-material and water whilst being able to sustainably and traceably manage the quality of the input material as well as the finished goods.

Atotech President, Mr. Reinhard Schneider

At the inauguration ceremony being held in Penang, Atotech’s President Mr. Reinhard Schneider said:

“The Penang facility further strengthens our presence in Asia and demonstrates our commitment to the region. We have a long tradition of developing innovative solutions in close cooperation with our customers. This new plant will allow us to foster our existing alliances as well as form new ones. “

Joachim Stecher, Atotech’s Managing Director Malaysia added:

“For us this corporate investment is an important step forward in responding to the increasing local demand in Malaysia and neighboring countries for Atotech products. Malaysia is a strategically chosen hub for our chemical production and supply to local markets, as well as to other South East Asian and Far East countries. The Penang plant will set benchmarks within our industries and serve our Electronics customer base and prospects.”

Atotech also plans to intensify its technical service capability for the region, by setting up a TechCenter at the Penang facility. Highly trained professionals will carry out development tests, prototype assessments and pilot productions for customers and OEMs.



FED e.V: 7. PCB – Designer-Tag – 10. Mai 2016 in Würzburg

Herausforderung Elektronik-Design – Grundlegendes & Zukunftsweisendes

Unter diesem Motto steht der diesjährige PCB-Designer-Tag des FED e.V. und der Elektronik Praxis.

6 Vorträge ausgewiesener Spezialisten ihres Faches geben praxisbezogene Einblicke und Ausblicke.

Nur wer die Basics des Leiterplatten- und Baugruppen-Designs verinnerlicht hat, wird die Anforderungen aus der Entwicklung, Konstruktion und Fertigung umsetzen können. Doch Basics sind noch nicht alles: Jedes Design hat seine ganz speziellen Herausforderungen, die es zu meistern gilt. Der diesjährige PCB-Designer-Tag vermittelt neben Grundlegendem, auch Spezialwissen und ganz „Neue Erkenntnisse“.

Folgende Themen erwarten Sie:

  1. Qualität im Designprozess
  2. Immer kleinere Bauteile erfordern optimierte Anschlussflächen auf   Leiterplatten – Das neue Proportionale Berechnungsmodell
  3. Moderne 3D-Druck Verfahren und die Herstellung von 3D-MID Prototypen
  4. Grundlagen der Signalintegrität für High-Speed-Design
  5. Hunting PCIe Jitter – Ein praktisches Beispiel für die Analyse eines PCIe Jitter Compliance “FAIL”
  6. Der Weg zur Second Source – Leiterplatten für komplexe High-Power-Baugruppen

Lassen Sie sich diese Gelegenheit nicht entgehen! Seien Sie dabei!

Weitere Informationen zu Inhalten, Referenten und Anmeldung finden Sie hier:–PCB-Designer-Tag-2016/4451/

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen
Ihr FED-Team

Ihr Ansprechpartner 7. PCB-Designertag

Dietmar Baar
Tel. +49 30 797 49 343



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