Lumichip designs-in Cambridge Nanotherm’s thermal management technology

13 March 2015
  • Specialist LED packaging company champions Nanotherm’s cost-effective, high thermal performance substrates
  • Results of tests on UVA LEDs outlined in free-to-download whitepaper confirm that Nanotherm outperforms all comparative products and provides a viable alternative to exotic ceramic substrates
  • As a result Lumichip has released a range of high performance UVA LED modules based on Nanotherm’s technology

Haverhill, Suffolk, March 11th 2015 – Lumichip, a leading developer of LED packaging solutions and light engines, has designed-in Cambridge Nanotherm’s thermal management technology for LEDs. Thorough tests by Lumichip revealed Cambridge Nanotherm’s technology to have extraordinarily high levels of thermal performance, well beyond that of comparable solutions and approaching the thermal performance of exotic ceramic materials such as AIN (aluminium nitride). Lumichip has therefore selected Nanotherm’s technology as the basis for a series of technology-leading COB LED modules for UVA applications.

Lumichip has outlined its test results in a free-to-download whitepaper, available today.

The tests involved a chainable 75W module with an array of 63 UVA chips in a 7×9 format. By selecting Cambridge Nanotherm’s technology, Lumichip was able to achieve a heat dissipation density of 20 W/cm2 with a thermal efficiency of 34% – a level well above the best generally seen in the UV industry.

“Outside of the context of this whitepaper we ran tests on a variety of thermal management solutions,” stated Shane O’Farrell, CEO, Lumichip. “Cambridge Nanotherm’s was categorically the best we encountered. I can’t think of any other material, at this price point, that could perform this well in such a thermally-aggressive environment.”

“As a result of the tests we’ve rolled out a full series of high power COB LED modules for UVA wavelengths 365 to 405nm based on the Nanotherm platform. The whitepaper was written to demonstrate the objective evidence of how much better Nanotherm’s solution, and hence our product, is over the competition.”

“We’re immensely proud to be able to count Lumichip amongst our customers,” offered Ralph Weir, CEO, Cambridge Nanotherm. “The UV market has some especially demanding thermal environments and our technology is extremely well suited to address them. UV designers are under especially intense pressure to improve the thermal performance of their products. Offsetting the high amount of heat that UV LEDs generate can produce huge benefits in terms of efficiency and lifespan, and using Nanotherm allows designers to lower costs by using aluminium based nanoceramic substrates rather than being forced to move to high cost AIN.”

“In combination with our thermal management technology Lumichip is offering a class-leading UV LED product range. The possibilities it allows are endless, from smaller, higher intensity and longer-lasting device classes, to efficiency gains, to cost reductions in the overall product.”

To learn more about Cambridge Nanotherm’s products, technology, or its specific UV proposition, visit

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About Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd.

Cambridge Nanotherm’s substrates for LED applications and high powered electronics provide the industry’s best thermal performance/price ratio available today.

A patented process creates a super-thin Nanoceramic layer on the surface of aluminium to form a dielectric with extremely high thermal conductivity. This Nanoceramic can be applied as thin as 3µm – many times thinner than conventional dielectrics. The combination of the thinnest dielectric layer in the industry with the highest thermal conductivity yields the lowest thermal resistance of any Metal Clad PCB material.

Nanotherm LC is used by LED manufacturers to reduce costs, improve lifetime and increase the brightness of their products. Nanotherm DM is a direct replacement for expensive aluminium nitride, achieving similar thermal performance while retaining the robustness and ease of processing of an insulated metal substrate.

Cambridge Nanotherm was established in 2010 with a high-volume manufacturing plant based in Haverhill, Suffolk.

For further information visit

(Cambridge Nanotherm® is a registered trademark of Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd.)


 About Lumichip

Lumichip is a leading provider of customized LED components for use in horticultural lighting, optical sensor and high power UV applications. The company’s design, development and manufacturing services provides bespoke devices to meet the most demanding spectral and optical performance requirements.

The products and technologies offered are based on Lumichip’s pioneering knowhow and extensive intellectual property in photonics, LED systems and spectrum tailoring.

Lumichip was established in 2009 with production facilities based in Finland and Taiwan.

Lumichip’s R&D program 2012-2015 has been supported by Finnish innovation Fund (Tekes).

For more information visit: or email


For media enquiries, please contact:

Alex Perryman, Senior Account Manager, Wildfire (PR)

+44 208 408 8000

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