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23 September 2016

Pickering to showcase ultra-high density Reed Relays at electronica

One Footprint – Three Ratings – Three Profiles

Pickering Electronics, a leading provider of Reed Relays, will be showcasing its latest high density range at electronica on 8 – 11, November 2016 in booth B1.550.

 The Pickering Series 115, Series 116 and Series 117 are three ranges of small Single Pole (1 Form A) reed relays ideal for the construction of high density matrices or multiplexers. These three ranges have identical pin configurations allowing a common PCB for all types but allowing the designer a range of switch ratings according to which part is fitted. The reed switches are vertical within the package which permits a common footprint with a board area of only 3.8mm x 6.6mm. Only the profile height changes with the increasing power or current ratings.

The Series 117 has a height of 9.5mm and is rated at 0.5 Amps switching at 5 Watts. The Series 116 has a height of 12.5mm and is rated at 0.5 Amps switching at 10 Watts. The Series 115 has a height of 15.5mm and is rated up to an impressive 1.0 Amp switching at 20 Watts. Double pole (2 Form A) versions are also available in the Series 116 and 117.

One benefit of the very small size of these relays is that it often makes it possible to increase the functionality of existing designs without increasing the size of the printed circuit boards.

All feature instrumentation grade reed switches with sputtered ruthenium contacts, making them an ideal choice for low level or ‘cold’ switching applications.

They have the option of an internal diode across the coil connections for Back EMF suppression and feature Pickering unique SoftCenter® construction as well as an internal mu-metal magnetic screen. Mu-metal has the advantage of a high permeability and low magnetic remanence and eliminates problems that would otherwise occur due to magnetic interaction. Relays of this size without magnetic screening would be totally unsuitable for applications where dense packing is required.

To learn more visit Pickering on booth B1.550 at Electronica this November, or contact Pickering today to request your free sample board of Pickering ultra-high density Reed Relays at



  EIPC have a new member, Flatfield PCB, and we are pleased to bring you a glimpse of the company and their activities. They will be on show at Electronca this year, on Stand B4-345. Go and have a chat!

 Company History

Flatfield was founded by Christiaan Plat and Ferry Zonneveld and has been active in the PCB industry since 1987. It was one of the first PCB trading companies in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) countries.

In the first decennium of the 21st century, ownership of the company was transferred to Christiaan’s son, Jeroen Plat, and Flatfield’s first employee, Frans Pastoor. They started, very successfully, expanding into Germany and the UK and also established the Asian Flatfield operations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Today, Flatfield’s business is conducted largely across Europe.

In November 2014, Jeroen Plat and Frans Pastoor invited Standard Investment from Amsterdam ( to buy a majority of the shares and help to realize the companies’ ambitious plans to become a top 10 player by 2020 latest. They assigned Dr. Albert van der Wijk as new CEO as of February 2015.

On the 21st of September 2015 Flatfield GmbH was established in Starnberg in the south of Germany with Mr. Sander Maasman as the General Manager.

Besides the CEO and the General Manager the Management Team is formed by Mrs. Meltem Klaassen, CFO ,Mr. Daniel Westra, Sales Operation Manager, Mr. Arjen Lansdaal, Purchasing & Quality Manager and Mr. James Wenzel, Product & Marketing Manager.


The Flatfield portfolio covers the entire range of PCB technologies, starting from single layer PCBs to complicated multilayer PCBs with blind and buried vias as well as flex and flex-rigid PCBs. Flatfield has also been one of the early adapters of metal substrate PCBs, which today is one of the fastest growing area’s due to, among others, the rapidly developing LED market.

From the early stages in its existence, Flatfield has adopted the Total Cost of Ownership principle. Therefore, in addition to providing technical support Flatfield also offers comprehensive logistical solutions to save PCB users both costs and cash. We also make sure your PCB data are always checked and correct: that’s what our CAM departments in the Netherlands and in China take care of. Needless to say that, through the presence of our own employees at Asian production locations, we ensure that the highest quality standards are met.


PCB’s are shipped to Electronic Manufacturing Service companies on a weekly basis from Flatfield’s climate controlled, 1000 square meter (10.000 square feet) warehouse facility in the Netherlands. This allows higher purchase volumes and, hence, competitive prices that are stable over a longer period of time.

Flatfield delivers DDP (incoterms, Duty and Delivery Paid), safely shipping your PCB’s from the manufacturing sites in Europe, Korea and China by air, sea or a combination of both. Obviously, all insurance included.

Flatfield continues to be a financially sound, growing and ambitious company.

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