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16 June 2017
UL-Certification for Ventec’s IMS products extended to alternative copper-base options 
June 07, 2017 – Ventec International Group, a world leader in the production of polyimide & high reliability epoxy laminates and prepregs, is pleased to announce that UL-certification has been extended for the IMS-range of products to cover the addition of alternative copper-base options.UL’s investigation of Ventec’s VT-B series IMS products (VT-4B, VT-4B PP, VT-4B RCC, VT-4B 3S) has been completed and the products were determined to comply with the applicable requirements for the addition of an alternative copper base for the existing metal base laminate grade. The extension of UL-approval for products using copper heat-sink substrates as an alternative to aluminium, expands Ventec’s IMS offering for high-end, high-performance applications, in particular for automotive customers.

Mark Goodwin, COO Europe & USA, commented: “We’re working closely with the engineering teams at suppliers of LED lighting, e-motors and DC power converters to the automotive business who require thinner dielectrics and higher thermal conductivity. The benefit of copper over aluminum is that it has significantly better thermal conductivity than aluminum, which in certain applications can more than compensate for weight and cost disadvantages and give better performance as an overall package.”

For further information about Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide variety of products, is available at and/or by downloading the Ventec APP.

About UL       
UL fosters safe living and working conditions for people everywhere through the application of science to solve safety, security and sustainability challenges. The UL Mark engenders trust enabling the safe adoption of innovative new products and technologies. Everyone at UL shares a passion to make the world a safer place. We test, inspect, audit, certify, validate, verify, advise and train and we support these efforts with software solutions for safety and sustainability. To learn more about us, visit

About Ventec International
With volume manufacturing facilities and HQ in Suzhou China, Ventec International specializes in advanced copper clad glass reinforced and metal backed substrates for the PCB industry. With distribution locations and manufacturing sites in both the US and Europe, Ventec International is a premier supplier to the Global PCB industry. For more information, visit


Ventec International Expands UK Clean-Room Manufacturing Capacity with Investment in Copper Cutting Equipment   

Ventec International Group is upgrading the fabrication capability & capacity at its United Kingdom facility with an investment into new state-of-the-art equipment for copper foil cutting in a Class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean-room environment.

To capture growth opportunities in the high-end, high-performance markets, which are driven by particular demand from high reliability automotive, military and aerospace applications, Ventec is investing in additional equipment to increase capacity to deliver medium volume copper foil cutting capability in its Class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean-room facility in Leamington Spa. The new facility is planned to be operational during July 2017.

Adding additional copper foil cutting capacity in the UK offers customers a unique advantage through fast delivery of cut-to-size copper foils from CCP for processing with Ventec’s range of copper clad laminates and prepregs.

Mark Goodwin, COO Europe & USA commented: “Ventec’s phased and strategic investment plan across our global network of service centers is continuing throughout 2017, enabling us to offer our customers one single quick-turn access point to an extraordinary portfolio of laminates & prepregs and complementary consumable products & services. All Ventec’s facilities are designed to meet the strictest clean room standards, and the UK is no exception.”

For further information about Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide variety of products, is available at and/or by downloading the Ventec APP.
Polar Instruments are delighted to announce two new releases, plus a Designer day in Brussels. Belgium brought to you by EIPC.

1. Speedstack 17:05 with the new online base material libraries is now shipping.
For more information please contact:

2. CITS880s 17:06 is now shipping, supporting DC resistance autonormalisation and intermediate  test limits – enhancements requested by  key CITS customers. Please contact your
local office for more information:
TTM Technologies Inc.


INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS: Exiting Needham & Company’s inaugural Auto Day, we continue to be impressed by TTMI’s diverse market exposure that is also bolstered by healthy participation in fundamentally growing customer product markets such as Automotive. As we look forward over the next 12+ months, we expect Auto market growth (a content story) to remain at strong levels, A&D to remain healthy, and cellular to benefit from the AAPL cycle with a potential 18month runway. Fundamentally, we believe TTMI deserves an improved multiple, thus we raise our target to $22 from $18.



·         Auto Day highlights a healthy secular growth story. On 6/6, TTMI joined a number of public and private companies as part of Needham & Company’s inaugural Auto Day. Of particular interest was a panel focused on the Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) market, which some pundits speculate to be exhibiting in excess of a 20% CAGR through 2022. ADAS relies on multiple data sources supported by TTMI’s PCBs that include imaging, LiDAR, and radar that utilize sensors (conventional and RF-board supported) and cameras (HDI supported).

·         Auto is a key contributor to TTMI’s business, driven by content growth and not as reliant on volumes. Content growth and the complexity of the content are the key variables to consider for TTMI’s Auto biz (~20% of revs) with industry growth rates arguably near 4.5% (according to NTI Digest, but a value we suspect could be low). We continue to believe TTMI is growing its business at levels higher than the industry through share gains, and this overall content growth creates more than an offset to the ~2% annual growth in global unit volumes (of which the US is <10% of mkt). In the big picture, we expect positive multi-year growth trends to continue as the industry implements additional safety measures in efforts to achieve Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous driving (~10-15 yrs away vs. today’s Level 2, and likely to be driven by very advanced software not yet developed today).

·         No comments on guidance, but we sense outlook remains solid. Overall, we sense that business conditions remain relatively healthy across segments while Automotive, A&D and the upcoming iPhone launch should be particularly healthy




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