2020 Winter Conference

Rotterdam, NL

13 & 14 February

EIPC Winter Conference Rotterdam – February 13 & 14, 2020

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We invite you to submit a paper for one of the following topics:
Keynote / Trends
-Business Outlook: Global Electronics Industry
-Industrial Electronics, Lighting Transportation, Space, Avionics, Medical
-High Rel application, Radar High Frequency, AutomotiveReliability /traceability requirements by Application
-Responsibility for Product Reliability and Safety
-Standards for Product Safety and Reliability
-Inhouse process control and conformation Testing
-Material and finish product Safety and Testing
-Advanced supply chain and Third party Testing-Tools for Testing and ensuring product safety and reliability

Design & New Technologies for Net Generation Electronic Devices
-PCBs in Polymer Technology
-Printed Electronics and Polymer Technology
-Material Technology- Laminate technologies – Coating technologies-New materials and coating applications
-Transmission line (Critical line) design, control and measurement
-PCB stack up and material selection options

Equipment evolution to meet Next Generation Technology Challenges
-Automation-Imaging and Printing
-Controlled line etching, Copper thickness tolerances
-Embedding and Metal Core PCBs
-New technology, Innovations and Invention-Laser, Mechanical drilling

Roadmapping for 2020 and beyond
-Updates on Roadmap by market segments
-Technology guidance through market needs
-Developing and adapting processes, materials, chemistry, equipment for future technology needs
-Strategic Partnership and planning for success through networking

Most common used abbreviations in the PCB Industry
‘SLP’ (Substrates like PCB) are used in Asia for HDI PCBs in any layer technology
‘PLP’ (Panel Level Packaging) to reduce cost in WLP Wafer Level Packaging
‘SLP utilising MSAP’ (modified Semi- Additive processes)
Any other topic you feel may be of interest

Notes for speakers
The following guidelines are provided regarding the submittal of papers and how they are to be presented at the Conference:

  • Papers should supply new technical, management or statistical information and not be presented for commercial purpose
  • All presentations should be made in English. If the author has problems with presenting in English, he or she should inform EIPC about this situation.
  • Presentations should not make direct comparisons with competitors’ products.
  • When the description of particular equipment is necessary for proper understanding of the process, it shall be confined to technical aspects.
  • Presentations will be required as a WRITTEN TEXT (Word/PDF) file
  • Illustrations, graphics, tables or pictures (including presenter’s photograph) have to be electronically delivered in standard format and in the appropriate resolution (75 dpi for electronic publication)
The author or presenter of an oral presentation will be offered a complimentary one day conference registration, valid on the day the author is invited to present.Abstract guidelines
Abstracts should include the following:

  • Title of Presentation
  • Author Listing; first/last name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail
  • Abstract text (max. 200 words)
  • Biography: brief background on the principal/presenting author (max. 100 words)


Acceptance Criteria
Abstracts will be reviewed by the Programme Committee, consisting of experts from within our industry. The official language of the Conference is English, NO simultaneous translations will be provided.

Selections will be based on the following criteria:

  • Contribution to the industry.
  • The abstract should clearly describe the nature, content, key points, and significance of the proposed paper.
  • Presentations are to be strictly non-commercial and must focus on technical merits of described processes.
  • Proprietary and/or confidentiality issues as well as approvals should be determined at time of submission.


1 page Abstract: November 1, 2019
Paper submission: January 13, 2020

Please send the abstract submission form to:
Mrs. K. Smit-Westenberg email:


Please send registration and / or sponsor enquiries to: Mrs. K. Smit-Westenberg, email:


MEMBERS (early) € 600.-

MEMBERS (regular) € 725.-

NON-MEMBERS (early) € 780.-

NON-MEMBERS (regular) € 900.-



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