Atotech’s ST-Line®, Uniplate® PLBCu6 and Uniplate® PLB at CPCA 2017

1 March 2017
BERLIN, 1. March, 2017: Atotech, the global leader in specialty plating chemicals, equipment and services today confirmed its participation at the upcoming CPCA show to be held in Shanghai, China, from March 7 through 9, 2017. In Hall 7.1 #7K06, Atotech will be showcasing its new ST-Line®, specialized equipment for inner layer, outer layer and soldermask pretreatment. Besides its latest systems solution for advanced surface preparation, Atotech is going to demonstrate its current and future capabilities for horizontal plating equipment. Uniplate® PLBCu6 is the solution of choice for mSAP technology used for the next generation of HDI and rigid-flex PCB manufacturing, while Uniplate® PLB is the technology leading horizontal desmear and electroless copper system for amSAP used for IC-Substrate manufacturing.

ST-Line® in combination with CupraEtch®
ST-Line® is state-of-the-art equipment designed for the requirements of the soldermask and dry film pretreatment processes in the manufacturing of PCB. In combination with Atotech’s CupraEtch® pretreatment chemistry, the high quality product forms a multipurpose microetch system for the pretreatment and adhesion promotion of primary imaging resists and soldermasks. The new line boosts yields to control production costs, considerably reduces waste water and meets the highest electrical security control and safety standards. ST-Line® also assures maximum yield at a competitive price, especially when combined with the CupraEtch® product family. It is engineered and built in Atotech’s new Guangzhou equipment plant and manufactured on high precision machining tools.

Uniplate® PLBCu6 for mSAP
Atotech’s horizontal Uniplate® PLBCu6 equipment line is the best solution for modified Semi-Additive Process (mSAP) technology and produces outstanding reliable interconnects. The wet-to-wet solution from desmear and metallization to flash copper plating offers various advantages such as excellent throwing power, highest reliability, outstanding uniformity and very high throughput. At the same time, it minimizes handling and operating needs and allows for significant savings of water and energy. Uniplate® PLBCu6 is perfectly suitable for Atotech’s Securiganth® E series for desmear, Printoganth® U Plus for metallization and Inpulse® 2HFU for electrolytic flash copper plating.

Uniplate® PLB for amSAP
With ever finer line and space requirements, manufacturing technologies such as advanced modified Semi-Additive Process (amSAP) are gaining ground. Atotech’s Uniplate® PLB for amSAP, an integrated solution for desmear and metallization, enables manufacturers to master these challenges. Uniplate® PLB allows for thin material transport with the universal transportation system UTS-xs+ for materials down to 25 µm with 2×2 µm copper clad, while offering superior filtration and significantly reducing particles. Together with the electroless copper process Printoganth® P Plus and the advanced etch cleaner Securiganth® RE, it enables enhanced dryfilm adhesion on the electroless copper surface for high yield manufacturing.

To learn more about these and other market leading products, visitors of the CPCA are encouraged to stop by Atotech’s booth in Hall 7.1 #7K06.

Yvonne Fuetterer
Erasmusstr. 20
10553 Berlin, Germany
+49 30-349 85-220                      

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